Saturday, October 6, 2012

Worker's Compensation Decreasing Rates: Is this Good for Employers?

Worker's Compensation Increases:I wrote this article about how to reduce your workers' comp insurance costs on my company's blog last week based on the report that workers' comp rates were set to increase at least 7% based on new legislation and company projections.
Employers will have less choices for workers' compensation 

Since then, there have been some more news on workers' comp where State Fund, CA's largest insurance company for workers' comp, has said that they will lower rates by 7%.  This sounds like good news to most business owners on the surface, but insurers lower rates are motivated by many factors.  See Insurance Journal's article: Calif. State Fund Board: Drop Rates 7%

As the CA workers' comp market begins to tighten, the State Fund is putting itself in the position to gain more market share in a shrinking market.  When an insurance market tightens it means that consumers will face higher rates, less discounts, tougher underwriting, and less choices of companies.  These market conditions are good for companies such as State Fund because they can entertain many risks that other private insurers will not be able to contemplate.

Lowering rates may force other private companies out of the workers' comp market because they will choose not to compete where they can't make a profit.  This is bad for the business owner because it will mean higher overall costs.   

The State Fund decreased rates will start January 1, but not all class codes renewals and will most likely not be in affect till second quarter of 2013.

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